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Welcome to our virtual clinic. We're here to meet you exactly where you are — from the middle of your work-from-home day or the coziness of your bedroom.

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Postpartum recovery
Postpartum recovery
Bladd & bowel control




Having a baby is as demanding as an extreme sport. Let’s get your body ready.

Heal from a vaginal or c-section delivery, regain strength, and return safely to exercise.

PT can bring balance to your pelvic floor — and pleasure back to sex.

Ab separation
Ab separation
Bladd & bowel control




Pregnancy wreaks havoc on your abs. PT will help you rebuild them.

From back pain to sports injuries, we provide full-body PT, including post-surgery rehab.

If "peeing a little" happens a lot, you’re in the right place. PT is the cure for incontinence.

Ab separation
Postpartum recovery
Bladd & bowel control




Refuse to “just deal” with pelvic floor issues — PT can improve and prevent symptoms.

That bulge or heaviness in your vagina can be unbearable. We can make it better.

Get essential support before and after gender-affirming surgery.

The Origin Way

Partner with your physical therapist to restore balance to your body.
Show up as you are and however you feel. We’ve got you.

Meet your physical therapist

A 45 min virtual or in-person evaluation gives you and your PT time to connect. You’ll discuss symptoms, goals, and relevant past experiences. The more you share, the more we can help.

Work 1:1 to create a plan

To get results, your plan has to be personalized — to your body, energy level, schedule, and preferences. Hate planks? Only have 10 free mins in your day? We can work with that.

Get results you can feel

As your body heals, symptoms improve, or your due date approaches, your PT will adjust your plan to meet your changing needs. Treatment wraps up when you’re back to feeling your best.

What our patients say




This place is amazing. It is the place I never knew I needed in my life. I have been working with 2 PT's one virtual and one in person and they have both been amazing and very thorough. They have helped me to improve my pelvic floor.

I appreciate that Origin wants to make things easier for all women with virtual physical therapy. My PT takes time to go over things and is a great listener, which makes me feel less awkward & more motivated to explain what’s going on. From body mechanics to womanly-issues, my PT has a deep understanding of everything.

My PT is warm, enthusiastic and knowledgeable and makes me feel very comfortable discussing my health issues. After she showed me techniques and exercises to do at home, I've improved at each visit. Highly recommend!


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Frequently asked questions

Nervous about getting started? We've got you.

How do I know if I'm a good fit?

Origin works with people with vaginal anatomy (this includes trans women, gender nonconforming and non-binary patients) from ages 16-65 and can cover anything from pelvic floor dysfunction to full body issues. 

For people younger than 16 or without vaginal anatomy,  you can still be treated virtually by Sullivan Physical Therapy, please give them a call at 512-335-9300 or return to the Sullivan website.

Is physical therapy covered by my insurance?

We accept many major commercial medical insurances. 

If you are in-network with Medicare, you can still be treated virtually by Sullivan Physical Therapy, please give them a call at 512-335-9300 or return to the Sullivan website.

We are currently unable to accept Medicaid. We hope this will change in the future, but in the meantime call us 213-550-3879 and we can recommend some other in-network providers.

Don't see your insurance plan listed? Give us a call at 213-550-3879 and a member of our front desk team will be happy to answer your questions. If you are not going through insurance, our cash rate is $150 for an evaluation and $100 for each follow up.

Do I need certain equipment and what should I wear?

For your first session, you may not need anything at all, but showing your therapist what you have (yoga mat, weights, bands, foam rollers, etc) will help them build your custom program.

Wear clothing that you can move in. Shorts and tank tops make it easiest for your therapist to see pertinent body parts and muscles.

Will I have to show my vagina on Zoom?

Nope! You’ll keep your clothes on for the entire session. Expect a lot of discussion to determine potential issues. In some cases, your therapist can verbally guide a self-examination of the pelvic floor. You determine your level of comfort and we move from there.