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Pelvic floor and whole body physical therapy in a safe, supportive space.


First-line treatment forpain and dysfunction. 

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9 in 10 virtual patients achieve their goals through Origin. 

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How to Refer


Send and receive referrals, prescriptions, and treatment notes.

Email referrals to providers@theoriginway.com

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Referring to Origin

Where are you located?

Origin offers virtual care nationwide and in-person care at our clinics in TX and CA. Pelvic floor coaching is available in states where virtual physical therapy is not available.

How do I refer patients?

If your license allows you to write a prescription for PT, Origin prescription pads are the easiest way to refer. You can order pads, or download the digital form that corresponds with your state.

If your license doesn't allow you to write a prescription for PT, we encourage you to share Origin with your patients using other handouts (like our business cards!). You can order free handouts here.

Do you take insurance?

We're working to expand in-network care nationwide, and currently accept Cigna in most states. Origin is in-network with all major commercial insurers in CA and TX, and we are able to accept medicare for in-person care in TX. 

How much does Origin cost?

Accessibility is important to us and our pricing proves it. Patients who use insurance pay an average of $10 - $40 per visit. Out of pocket virtual visits are $150 for an evaluation and $75 for each follow-up, as much as 60% less than our competitors. 

How do I know if I can write a prescription for PT?

If you are an M.D., D.O., or D.P.M. you can write a prescription in most states. Some states also allow a CNMW, P.A., and other providers to refer. You can use this search tool to see direct access laws in your state.

How do I know if pelvic floor PT is right for my patient?

Symptoms related to bladder and bowel control, pelvic pain, pregnancy, postpartum recovery, or menopause are some key indicators that your patient would benefit from pelvic floor PT. If a patient is a not a candidate for pelvic floor PT, their therapist will help connect them with alternative resources. For a full list of conditions we treat click here.

How do patients schedule appointments?

Scheduling is available online and over the phone. Our average wait for a new patient evaluation  is 1 week for a virtual visit and 3-4 weeks for in-person.

I'd like to talk to a member of your clinical team before referring. Can I set something up?

Absolutely! Click here to schedule time with a member of our provider success team. We'll answer your questions, or connect you with a clinical leader in your area.

A Higher Standard of Care

96% of our postpartum patients rate the care they receive at Origin as excellent

90% of patients adhere to their care plan month over month

88% of virtual patients experience an improvement in their health conditions

92% of patients are confident in the skill of their therapist(s)

80% of patients receive adequate education for future injury prevention and overall wellness

What Our Patients Say


I found Origin when I was pregnant and wanted to stay in shape without aggravating my diastasis recti. After having my baby, I came back to do pelvic floor work. It's been a godsend!



This place is amazing. It's the place I never knew I needed in my life. I've been working with two PTs, one virtual and one in person and they have both been amazing and very thorough. They've helped me improve my pelvic floor.

I’m so thankful for this practice. Lauren helped me get my life back. I saw numerous PTs in the last decade trying to solve my debilitating issues and finally found Origin.

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